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'Apricot Drift' Rose

'Alexander's Great' Brunnera      'Ascot Rainbow' Cushion Spurge
'Sunshine Happy Trails' Rose 'Diane's Gold' Brunnera 'Sparkling Sapphires' Indigo
'Oso Easy Double Red' Rose 'Silver Bouquet' Lungwort Dwarf Chinese Astilbe
'Dark Desire' Rose 'Pink Fizz' Heucherella 'Wild Swan' Anemone
'Sexy Rexy' Rose 'Sunrise Falls' Heucherella 'White Wands' Veronica
'Bridal Falls' Hosta 'Harvest Moon' Stonecrop
Ornamental Grasses: 'King Long' Ligularia 'Friecracker' Stonecrop
Warley Fairy Wings Deam's Black-eyed Susan
'Indian Warrior' Big Bluestem 'Glamour Girl' Phlox 'Windwalker' Penstemon
'Smoke Signal' Little Bluestem 'Super Gal' Peony 'Cat's Meow' Catmint
'Terrific Gal' Peony 'Jurassic Park' Bearded Iris
Flowering Vines: 'White Wicker' Peony 'Starry Starry Night' Rose Mallow
'Raspberry Sundae' Peony 'Ranchera' Helenium
'Barbara Harrington Clematis 'June Rose' Peony 'Sun Devil' Blanket Flower
'Diana's Delight' Clematis 'Dayglow Rose' Peony 'Hot Papaya' Coneflower
'Felix Supreme' Peony 'Sensation Pink' Coneflower


'Pink Hawaiin Coral' Peony           'Lo & Behold Blue Chip Jr. Butterfly-bush  
'Fancy Nancy' Peony 'Red Satin' Coreopsis
'Fire Light' Hydrangea             'Leading Lady Lilac' Beebalm     'Moon Dust' Yarrow
'Great Star' Hydrangea 'Spellbound' Coral Bells
'Tiny Tuff Stuff' Hydrangea 'Stainless Steel' Coral Bells
'Glow Girl' Spirea 'Siloam Double Fringe' Daylily
'Passionate Returns' Daylily
Herbs: 'Perfect Pink Princess' Daylily
'Sunset Tango' Daylily
'Little Cutie' Dwarf English Thyme      'Azure Rush' Geranium